Association Rules & Regulations

Cheshire County Football Association

District Association Rules 

1.         CONSTITUTION. 

1.1        The Association shall be called the Wirral District Football Association and shall be affiliated to and direct under the control of the Cheshire County Football Association. Member shall consist of such clubs and sanctioned playing Associated Football within an area as defined by Cheshire County FA. Hereinafter they shall be referred as the members. 

1.2        All clubs before being affiliated to Cheshire County Football Association and shall satisfy the District Council but they are properly constituted and playing football in accordance with the rules of the football Association 

2.         AFFILIATIONS. 

2.1        The annual affiliation fee for each member club and sanctioned league shall be determined from time to time by the Council of the Cheshire County Football Association. They shall permit the affiliation at a reduced fee of Minor Clubs (under 18 years of age on the 1st of August of the current season and clubs competing in Charity, Workshop or Small Sided Competitions but such affiliations will not carry any voting power. 

2.2        The annual affiliation fee together with the completed affiliation form (via WGS) must reach CCFA by 1stAugust each year. Failure to comply will result in a fine of £10. 

2.3        Clubs applying for membership for the first time should submit an application including the affiliation fee to the Cheshire County Football Association 

2.4        Charity, Workshop or Small Sided Competitions and the clubs completing therein shall be affiliated at a separate fee as determined by Cheshire County Football Association. 

3.         MANAGEMENT. 

3.1        This Association shall be governed and Council consisting of the following offices and representatives shall manage its affairs. In the case of non-attendance, no member can be represented by a deputy. 

3.2        The offices of the Association shall be:

·      President

·      Vice President

·      4 Life Members

·      Honorary Treasurer

·      Honorary Secretary

·      Honorary Referee Secretary

·      Honorary Referee Development Officer 

3.3        At the discretion of the Council, the following officers may be elected:

·      Honorary Assistant Secretary

·      Honorary Competition Secretary

·      Honorary Youth Secretary

·      Honorary Assistant Referee Secretary

·      Honorary Discipline Secretary

·      Honorary Welfare Officer 

3.4        The representatives of the Council shall be:

One representative from each League sanctioned by Cheshire County Football Association

            One representative of the District Schools F. A.

One representative from each club being a member of the Football League, Football Conference, Northern premier League and North West Counties League First Division. 

3.5        The Divisional Representatives and Divisional Discipline Secretary of the Cheshire County Football Association shall be members of the Council of this Association. 

3.6        Nine members of Council shall form a quorum for the transaction of business. 

3.7        The following shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting:

a)         The officers in 3.2 and 3.3 where appropriate except for the four Vice Presidents and Life Members.

b)         Area Representatives shown in 3.4 

3.8        The Four Vice Presidents shall be elected from within the Council by the Council at the April or May meeting and such person so elected shall serve as Vice Presidents from the date of the next Annual General Meeting till the following Annual General Meeting. 

3.9        The Representative shown on 3.4 b c and d shall be notified to the secretary of this association no later than the 30thof July. In the event of a vacancy occurring the name of the substitute representative should be notified as soon as possible. 

3.10      At the first meeting of the council after the Annual General Meeting the Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected. 

3.11      In the case of an equality of votes on any matter the Chairman for the time being shall have a second or casting vote. 

3.12      The council shall have the power to fulfil any vacancy that may arise as and when required with the exception of the President and the representatives referred to under rule 3.4 b, c and d. 

3.13      There shall be an emergency committee elected by the Council with plenary powers.

            Three members to form a quorum. 

3.14      The Council shall manage all affairs of the Association and their decision shall be final subject to the right of appeal to the Cheshire County FA. They shall have their authority to create such sub-committees of a permanent or temporary nature as they consider necessary and have the power to delegate such of it’s powers as it may decide to any sub-committee. (Five members form a quorum) The council shall have the power to co-opt with or without voting power, as it shall decide, to any of the sub-committees. 

3.15      The Council shall elect a Referee Committee at whose meetings five shall form a quorum. The Committee shall have full control of all referee matters (subject to the Cheshire County Football Association regulations for the government of referees) and make all appointments. The proceedings shall be subject to confirmation by the Council.           

3.16      The Chairman of the Council and Honorary Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all Committees. 


4.1        a) The Annual General Meeting of this Association shall be held prior to the 1st of July each year at such a time and place of the Council shall determine. 

b)         The Secretary shall no later than the 30th of April each year convene a meeting of the Council when the date for the Annual General Meeting and closing date for nominations shall be fixed.  

c)         The Secretary shall at least 28 days before the date fixed for the annual general meeting send a nomination form to each member. 

d)         Those desiring to nominate candidates must return the nomination form duly completed to the Secretary on or before the closing date 

e)         Only those members who have paid their affiliation fee by the 1st of May for the ensuing season may nominate. 

f)          Each member club and sanctioned league can nominate one candidate for each office and one area representative. 

g)         The chairman of the meeting shall decide on the validity of all nominations made to the meeting and his decision as to the result of all voting and each and every other matter, there at shall be final. An entry into the minute book signed by the Chairman of the meeting shall be conclusive evidence of the terms of each and every resolution and each in every other decision taken. 

4.2        An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Council, or upon the requisition to the Secretary signed by ten members entitled to attend and vote at a General Meeting indicating the purpose there of. 

4.3        The secretary shall subsequently give 14 days notice to all members of the Association of the place and the date of such an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting together with an Agenda specifying the nature of our business to be transacted at the meeting. 

4.4        Each member shall be entitled to send one representative to any General Meeting but no two members shall be represented by the same individual.  

4.5       The President of the Association shall act as Chairman at all General Meetings and in his absence his deputy shall be decided by the other offices present at the commencement of the meeting in question. 

4.6        The voting at Annual or Extraordinary General meeting of this Association shall be by ballot unless a show of hands be agreed by the majority of those entitled to vote. 

4.7        Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting only if there affiliation for the ensuing season has been paid by such date as has been decided and advised by Council. 

4.8        An officer of the Association cannot represent a member club or Sanction League. The offices and Council Members shall be ex-officio and entitled to attend and vote at all Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings. 


5.1        Each club shall be required to keep an account book showing full details of income and expenditure. The council shall have powers at any time to inspect the books and papers of all clubs affiliated to this association. All vouchers and documents relating thereto must be produced on demand. 

5.2        All clubs affiliated to the Cheshire County FA shall have the right to enter a cup competition of this Association provided that the Council consider them as suitable participants. 

5.3        Any club may enter the competition of another District Association provided they have honoured their obligations to and with the permission of this Association. 

5.4       Clubs and players shall not compete in any match or competition (including small side matches or competitions) the proceeds of which are not devoted to a sanctioned Football Club, Football Association or some other object approved by this Association. 

5.5        Six-a-side or similar competitions are forbidden unless sanction by the Cheshire County Football Association. Competitions being completed with within a period of 24 hours shall be permitted to register at an embracing fee, including the clubs, as determined by the Cheshire County FA. All other competitions to be registered accordance with Rule 2. 

5.6        The playing season shall be defined from time to time by the Football Association.  

5.7        Clubs, players and officials subject to the jurisdiction of this Association shall not be associated with or play with or against any club that is not a member of this Association or some other recognised affiliated Association. 

5.8        No match between unaffiliated teams shall be played on the grounds, which are under the jurisdiction of clubs who are members of this Association. 

5.9       This Association shall have first claim upon all grounds and players belonging to clubs who are members of this Association. Clubs, players or members of clubs violating this rule will be dealt with as the Cheshire County Football Association hall decide.  

5.10      Every club is responsible for the actions of the players, officials and spectators in accordance with the regulations issued and amended from time to time by the Football Association and the Cheshire County Football Association. 

5.11     The Officials of any Club, League or Competition with may disband shall all papers, books and vouchers and an audited Statement of Accounts showing the financial position at the date of disbandment. The consent of the Cheshire County Football Association must be obtained before any assets are disposed of. 

5.12     Any member Club, League or Competition changing Secretary or any registered Secretary changing address must advise the Secretary of this Association within seven days thereof.  Failure to comply will result in a fine not exceeding £20. The registered Secretary of a member or organisation is the only official recognised by this Association for the purpose of all correspondence. 

5.13      Unless instructed otherwise, all correspondence of matters concerning this Association shall be addressed to the Honorary Secretary. 


6.1        The status of players is as defined from time to time by the Football Association. 


7.1        The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Association shall be the Trustees and the Legal holders of all and authorise signatories of all monies and properties belonging to this Association including competition trophies. 

7.2        All monies received by this Association shall, in the first instance be lodged in a account with one of the Joint Stock Banks or Building Society. 

7.3        All payments by this Association shall be by cheques issued on such banking account and shall bear the signatures of two Trustees 

7.4        So much of the funds of this Association may not be required for immediate use or to meet accruing liabilities shall be invested with the authority of the Council.  

The statement of accounts of this Association prepared by the Treasurer up to the 30thJune and duly certified by Appointed Auditors shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting. 

All statement of gate receipts in which this Association is concerned shall be checked by an officer or member of the Council who shall certify the correctness of the same. 

8          REFEREES 

8.1        All referees shall be registered annually in accordance with the regulations for the government to referees of the Cheshire County Football Association. 

9          LONG SERVICE 

9.1        Any officer of this Association or member of the Council who has completed 21 years in the service of this Association shall be presented with a long service award at the Annual General Meeting following completion of such period. 

9.2        The council have the power to elect Life Members who shall not be barred from holding any other office in this Association (NB where District Football Associations have existing Life Vice Presidents, they may remain in office but no such future appointments shall be made. 


10.1      Any protest made by any club under these rules shall be in writing and duplicate copies shall be sent to the Secretary of this Association accompanied by a deposit of £25, which may be forfeited if the protest is not sustained. In the case of a frivolous or vexatious protest be made, the Council so have the power to order the protesting club to pay such expenses as maybe decided. 

10.2      Should any Club concerned in the protest have a member on Council, that member should not be eligible to sit on the council whilst the protest is being discussed. 

10.3      A member may within seven days of receipt by them of written notification of any decision made in accordance with the rules, appeal against such decision by lodging particulars in duplicate accompanied by a fee of £35 to the Secretary of the Cheshire County Football Association for the adjudication of the Board of Appeal who shall decide by whom the cost of the appeal shall be born. 

10.4      A copy of the appeal must be sent to the Association Secretary and the operation of the decision made by this Association shall not be suspended pending the results of the appeal, unless the Board of Appeal or the Council of the Chester County Football Association,              


11.1      No club may change it’s name without the permission of the Council and no such permission will not normally be given after the 1st of August of the current season. An administration fee of £10 payable to Cheshire County Football Association must be submitted with each application. 

11.2      The Council should have the full power to deal with any matter not provided

for in the rules, subject to the rules of the Cheshire County Football Association. 

11.3      The Secretary of the League, Club or Competition shall be the nominated person to receive an answer or correspondence with the Association. Any Participant, League, Club or Competition failing to enter correspondence or implement an instruction of the Association within the time indicated, shall be liable to a minimum fine £25. In the event of the Participant, League, Club or Competition then failing to answer the correspondence, implement the instruction or pay the fine by the specified date, the Participant, League, Club or Competition will be liable to a charge of misconduct by the Cheshire County Football Association. 


12.1      In the event of any alteration being considered necessary to the Rules of the Association, notice of the proposed alteration must be sent in writing to the Secretary of this Association who shall forward on to the Secretary of the Cheshire County Football Association for consideration by the body and all District Associations. Any alterations confirmed as above, shall be adopted by all District Association.